Monday, May 25, 2009

Apple Store They are Geniuses

I'm back from the Apple store with a brand new battery!  Whoo hoo!  Yesterday I noticed when I typed my mac was wobbly.  I looked underneath and the battery was bulging like it was just going to explode!  I quickly made my appointment online and fully expected to pay the $129 for a new batt.  Nope, it was covered under my extended warranty.  For once I actually got use out of a warranty.  It even covered the battery.  So, since I got over 3 years out of the original I've got quite a bit more life out of my machine.  Not that I don't want a new one.  Of course I do.  As soon as I buy one, a new model comes out with more goodies and I want that too.  I think you should pay a one time lifetime fee and just get the new model every year.  That's what I think.

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