Monday, August 31, 2009

Shutter card

I'm back! Don't know where the time goes. Been TRYING to study for work related course, ...blech! Why do I do this to myself? No reason to take this course; no degree; no work advancement (probably not anyway). Glutton for punishment? Maybe...

I did some things for fun. I made this shutter card. It is an acordian style card but sliced in the center panels and folded alternate ways. The photos show this is kind of orange but the paper was more a dark beige. I think it was lack of flash in the room which has alot of brown and yellow in it. Anyway, the paper is the fun Graphic 45 double sided scrapbook paper with coordinating tags and pieces. I made this as a card for my "secret stamper" in LATS. That is Ladies and the Stamps club! Who is the "lucky" recipient? I'm not saying!!