Saturday, March 10, 2012


Sicko.  That's me.  Bronchitis again.  I've had this every year since 2005, when I was hospitalized for a bad viral infection.  Called my doctor on a Saturday.  Guess she didn't appreciate that. She won't send the "usual" drugs to pharmacy without seeing me Monday.  Can't believe she is going to let me suffer the whole weekend when I could be getting better for the classes I have lined up Monday and Tuesday.  Its the last straw, I'm in the market for a new physician.

This is not the first time I've encountered resistance to do what I ask.  To return a phone call.  To give a letter needed for something.  Not to mention the lecture I got when asking for anti anxiety medication.  Yes, I'm just a common drug seeking addict.

When you know what works, a little steroid, some cough suppressant, maybe an antibiotic, why do you have to jump through hoops to get it prescribed?  Is this a game of wills, where the powerful can refuse just because... oh yes, if I come in Monday she gets PAID by my insurance.  Yes, I had forgotten that small fact; it isn't about helping someone get well and feel better.  I know that once I walk in to her office looking gray, breathing heavily, wheezing, feverish, and coughing nonstop, she will give me the drugs I know I need right now.  Thank you very much Ana.  The least you could have done was to advise me what to do in the meantime and what to get over the counter.  First, do NO harm.

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