Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good Night Newsroom

My favorite series The Newsroom has ended and I'm sad.  It was a show that did not have any violence, no blood, no vampires or plotting royalty or dragon slayers.  This show was real.  It was fast paced.  It was about current affairs in the news and serious issues and it had humor.  I looked forward to the new season only to find it cut short and coming to a conclusion.  Add it to the shows I also loved and miss like In Treatment.  Not for the populace, never going to be "popular" but the kind of shows I seek out to make me think and feel enlightened.  With what I spend on cable TV I would like to say that I have more than one show I watch regularly but most of it is really bad.  I enjoy Bill Maher's Real Time and still watch some PBS.  I would rather watch QVC shopping network than most of the premium cable series.  Hope that something comes along soon!

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