Monday, January 2, 2017

My Anniversary

Today is my anniversary.  35 years married to the same person.  How can that be?  Seems like yesterday that we met, worked together, went out with the group after work and gradually started our relationship.  We've been to a lot of places together.  I guess that is one thing we have in common, travel and explore.  Not that we go to exotic places.  We love Hawaii and would rather go there than any other place on the earth.  There might come a day when we move there for good.

We went out for dinner at a great steak house.  They gave us some lovely champagne.  Then we took a drive to look at the Christmas decorations at the Teddy Bear House.  Now, he's napping in the recliner and I'm on the computer.  Come to think of it this is what we did last anniversary and the year before too!

My anniversary, coming on day 2 of the new year is always a time of reflection.  What will I do this year.  What changes can I make.   Okay, take off another 30 pounds.  Write more, paint more, live more.

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