Monday, November 13, 2017

The world is in turmoil

Have not written my thoughts down for a while.  Not that I don't have thoughts.  I have them all the time.  Sometimes they are clear and concise and sometimes there are so many I can't sort them out.  Since the last election I cannot wrap my head around what has become of this country.  The racist misogynist clown in the white house, his criminal family and his fascist cabinet.  It is just so incredible.  I feel like I have been in mourning this past year.  Every week is worse news than the last.  I'm now reading Hillary's book.  It is painful.  What they did to her was undeserved.  So, if she can stand to write it I guess I can stand to read it.  I've put it away a couple times because I get emotional over the loss.  Now I'm listening to MSNBC as I do compulsively, about all the other pussy grabbing sexual predators we're hearing about.  This should not take away from the incredibly important work that Mueller is doing investigating the administration - won't say his name- nor will I call him President.  The Russian "thing" is more important above everything else.  We can't forget how they were allowed to steal the election.  The news that as of this date, the administration has had at least 30 contacts with Russians and contact with Wikileaks.  Odd that everyone connected to the administration has been to Russia, worked in Russia, met with Russians, got paid by Russians, got awards from Russia, got on Russia TV etc etc.  hmmm I don't remember one person associated with Obama as linked with Russia, how come all these people are?   It is no great relief to me to say it but I do keep saying that Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million.  Too bad for all the people that didn't come out to vote because at this time I could be writing about President Hillary Rodham Clinton instead of my anxiety about orange Hitler.

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