Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too pretty to use!

Have you ever put out some nice paper napkins and heard "Oh, they're just too pretty to use"? I love paper napkins. I love using them with a lovely cup of tea and a crumpet. I love to use them in decoupaging. Now, I'm re-visiting an old art, paper napkin greeting cards. Here's how-to: pull apart the printed tissue from the one or two other plies of paper. Use plastic wrap and a piece of cardstock or heavy weight paper. Sandwich the cardstock, then plastic wrap then napkin and cover all with larger paper like copier paper or plain newsprint paper and iron. The plastic melts and adheres all together. Trim and fold and voila! Add your sentiment to the inside and you have a beautiful thing! The floral napkin in the photo actually has four different images. I think they would look great on four canvases, clearcoated, on a wall. OOH!! I think I have my next project! (click on images to enlarge)


  1. You will have to bring some samples to mom's next time, because I don't quite understand how you can make cards from the naps.

  2. you can also follow my blog it's Donna301. I click on a couple of your google ad things once in a while, so maybe we'll get .000001 cents.

  3. Okay, so when have you ever have 'tea and crumpets'??? :D