Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby is sick

The worst sound in the world is my doggie's yelp.  She had her vaccinations yesterday.  She was so good for the Vet.  They have great vets at Kirkwood Animal Hospital, they are so gentle and affectionate.

But today Smokie is hurting.  I don't know what happened, she did not have this reaction last year.  If you touch her back, where they pinch to inject the vaccine she yipes.  She gets up and down on furniture with a squeal.  She walks so slow with her head down.  For a while I thought she was going to die.  The vet said to give her a baby aspirin.  We gave her 1/2 of one and now, 4 hours later she seems to be resting well.  So to make sure she didn't get up and down I stayed on the bed with her all night surfing the net.  Looked at a bunch of Tim Holtz videos... more later.


  1. I am sooo glad she is feeling much better now!

  2. She is back to her bouncy self. We have a new game outside. After she does her business we play fetch with sticks. She loves running after a stick and then bringing it to me but she doesn't want to let go. I haven't been able to convince her that I will toss it again if she lets go.